We would like to thank Polaris Industries for their hospitality and in letting us use their facilities in Wyoming, MN for snowmobile safety training of over 40 juveniles.

A new link, some might find handy, has been added to the Maps and Forms page. This is a link to the DNR's downloadable software (free) to be used in uploading Garmin GPS maps of trails.

We are declaring that this year's Highlifter Event in Quadna (Hill City), the weekend of June 10th, is an official KIWI club event. Camping and lodging is available onsite, but there is also RV and camping available at George and Kathi's home in Emily, which is about 20 miles away. Mark your calendars people, this is going to be fun.

Normally, we have our meeting dates on the 2nd Thursday of each month to begin at 7PM. We also have changed the location of the meeting to the Rustic Inn in Stacy, which is across the road from the old meeting place, the Stacy Municipal Bar.

Current Trail Conditions - 1/27/2016

Mother Nature continues to withhold from us a decent snow base. Hopefully, February will be better.

The re-route of our snowmobile trail is featured in the online interactive State Trail maps page as Trail #83.

We accomplished a few items this fall:

  • Pull down old route signs on Cty Rd. 22 between Cty 85 and Hwy 65 , both sides....DONE!!!
  • Sign new route on Cty 85 to Cty 26 to Cty 22. Clear obstructions- both sides. Use caution signing bridge on Cty 26...DONE!!!
  • Hwy 22 check and re-sign where needed. Clear obstructions both sides from Cty 85 to Chisago County line...DONE!!!
  • Auger holes, pour concrete and install posts for the new gates on the 205th trail....DONE!!!

Most of the above work is a result of a re-route of Anoka Cty 22 trail to East Bethel. This new route will be easier to maintain and avoid many residential driveway crossings. Here is the new route.

Minnesota DNR Current conditions Web Site - Updated each Thursday after 2pm.
National Weather Service

Media....Anyone? Anyone?

Please feel free to post your outdoor videos on our Facebook page.

2016 Meetings

Typically, we meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Rustic Inn in Stacy, MN.

  • January 23rd - Saturday Rustic Inn in Stacy.Time to be determined following the Polaris Industries event in Wyoming MN
  • February 11th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • March 10th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • April 14th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • May 12th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • June 9th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • July 14th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • August 11th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • September 8th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • October 13th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • November 10th - Thursday, Rustic Inn in Stacy, 7PM
  • December ??th - Holiday Potluck at Shawn and Michelle's

Events for 2016

More events will be added as they arise...check back!
  • Jan 23rd - Snowmobile training class at Polaris Industries in Wyoming , MN
  • Jun 3th-5th - Freewheeling Weekend, ATV's can be operated without registration.
  • Jun 10th-12th - Hill City (Quadna) Highlifter Mud Nationals AN OFFICIAL KIWI EVENT
  • Sept 9th-11th - Hay Days
  • Sept 23rd- 25th - McGregor - ATVAM Fall Ride and Rally
  • Dec ?? - Holiday Potluck at Shawn and Michele's

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  • The Millelacs Driftskippers
  • Minnesota United Snowmobiler Assoc.
  • ATV Association of Minnesota