Mn State Legislation Session started January 8th and runs through May 21st.  There are several bills to watch for ATV and Snowmobile.  This is where you membership dues go to for MnUSA and ATVAM.  These two state organizations both have a full time lobyist that is at the legislature, capitol and DNR - Parks and Trails, Forestry and watch dogging our dedicated funds for building and maintaining trails and safety training programs.  Working with other special interest groups line MN Deer Hunters Association, MRTUA (Mn Recreations Trails Users Association), CRTU (Coalition of Recreationsak Trail Users), NOHVCC (National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council) US Forest Service.  Goal is to protect and promote our trails systems and youth safety programs along with many other things.  Join Kiwi and you Join ATVAM and/or MnUSA.  Get informed and maybe get involved!!!

Do you know who builds and maintains our ATV and Snowmobile Trails here in MN?  It is not the DNR. You do!  Our club members provide the volunteers that perform these tasks in cooperation with the DNR and other state and local governments.

We would like to thank Polaris Industries for their hospitality and in letting us use their facilities in Wyoming, MN for snowmobile safety training.

Normally, we have our meeting dates on the 2nd Thursday of each month to begin at 7PM. We also have changed the location of the meeting to the Rustic Inn in Stacy, which is across the road from the old meeting place, the Stacy Municipal Bar.

Current Trail Conditions - 03/21/19

Kiwi Krossing trail #83 is in poor shape with a lot of water on the trail. And with the continueing warm weather and expepected rain we do not expect much more for the season.  But just in case we get dumpped on - will try to groom it and get a couple of more days riding it!

Our snowmobile trail is featured in the online interactive State Trail maps page as Trail #83. Alternately, the trail may be viewed here.  As well as in Polaris Ride Command.

Minnesota DNR Current conditions Web Site
National Weather Service


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2018 Meetings

Typically, we meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Rustic Inn in Stacy, MN.

Events for 2019

More events will be added as they arise...check back!
  • ATVAM Ride & Roast May 18th at McQuoids in Isle, MN
  • High Lifter Mud Nationals - Quadna June 7-9
  • ATVAM Fall Ride & Rally/Banquett and General Membership Meeting Sept 20-22


Kiwi is a snowmobile and ATV club.  We are affilicated with both state organizations MnUSA and ATVAM.  Our club dues structure also includes your state membership dues for either or both MnUSA and ATVAM.


Visit These Affiliated Sites

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  • Minnesota United Snowmobiler Assoc.
  • ATV Association of Minnesota