General information about certification can be found here.
Students are still required to take a vehicle competency test.
!!!Please read and follow all directions THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!


  1. Each student must have legal guardian (18 years old or parent) present to sign release form. You will not be able to participate with out a signature.
  2. Full name (no nicknames) are used on the registration. Birth certificate for verification recommended.
  3. NO Payment for class will be collected. Directions will be given at class on how to complete registration and payment online.

Must have the following equipment to test
  1. Please bring your snowmobile to class. This not a requirement but recommended.
  2. Your snowmobile must have working headlight & brakes.
  3. DOT approved helmet that fits properly
  4. Goggles/face shield – or other adequate eye protection
  5. Proper clothing and boots for riding – no tennis shoes

Come prepared to spend several hours outdoors!
Parents or guardian are required in class for the first 10-15 minutes to review class information and self-registration.
When you arrive at testing DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR Snowmobile UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. There are no loading ramps available.
No one will be allowed to operate snowmobile without a helmet at any time!

Questions- email or Call 651-303-7897

The class will include:
- Additional Information, not covered online
- Driving test
Anyone born after December 31, 1976 is required by law to hold snowmobile certification to operate a snowmobile in Minnesota.

Class Dates for 2019- 2020


More details here.
THROTTLE BLOCKS WILL BE REQUIRED ON ALL SLEDS. A Polaris representative will inspect all sleds prior to class.