Kiwi Snowmobile Club was amended to be Kiwi Snowmobile ATV Club in June of 2005.

Purpose and Objectives

  • Encourage and provide fraternal association of persons interested in the recreational use of snowmobiles and ATVs
  • Protect the interest of such persons in the lawful use of snowmobiles and ATVs.
  • Provide an enlightened and organized cooperative.
  • To establish relationships with all levels of government relative to the use and regulation of snowmobiles and ATVs.
  • Assist in encouraging and protecting proper use and enjoyment of the recreational aspects of all public lands, including wilderness areas thereof; to unite in conduct and effort on behalf of the best interests of all concerned, to the extent permitted by law.
  • Encourage the training of those snowmobile and ATV drivers who are required to have a certificate from the State of Minnesota.
  • Formulate and encourage the adherence to safety programs by all snowmobile and ATV users.
  • Disseminate information covering laws and regulations pertaining to snowmobiles and ATVs.
  • Promote and foster recreational and social activities of users of snowmobiles and ATVs.
  • Have Fun.


Kiwi currently maintains approximately 60+ miles of snowmobile trail connections in Anoka, Isanti, Chisago & Washington Counties.
Works in cooperation with Drift Skippers Snowmobile ATV Club to maintain 120 miles of snowmobile trail and 70 miles of ATV trail in Mille Lacs and Aitkin Counties.


Dues are $10.00 for family or indivdual from December 1st through to December 1st the following year.

ATVAM and MnUSA dues are separate.

Active Member(family or individual) – needs to participate in 2 or more club meetings.

Active Member (family or individual) in Good Standing - participate in 2 or more meetings and perform 8 hours of volunteer work for club that could consist of snowmobile and ATV trail work or Snowmobile and ATV Safety Training.

Want More Information?

Contact club:
George Radke

Come to our regularly scheduled Meetings?
Second Thursday each month at Rustic Inn,Stacy, MN.
There are some variances to meeting times & places, so if you miss us, come back again or contact George for the next scheduled meeting time.